As part of the IGP validated by the INPI for manufacturers and craftsmen of Laguiole knives, an audit is underway in the regions concerned, which are Aveyron and Auvergne.
Laguiole -Attitude undertakes to respect as and when it evolves, to market only knives and cutlery approved by this IGP.

The geographical indication "Laguiole Knife"

The INPI approves the geographical indication "Laguiole knife", a guarantee of authenticity for consumers and a means of promoting Laguiole know-how and products.

The characteristics of the products benefiting from the geographical indication are described in specifications, which the producers undertake to respect and on which they are checked by an independent body.

Specifications in a nutshell

The geographical indication "Laguiole knife" concerns three families of knives: folding, sommelier and table knives. The presence of a "bee", the so-called "Yatagan" blade shape and the curved shape of the knife are mandatory characteristics, except for the closing knife, also recognized with a straight shape. All the knife manufacturing steps (supplies, decoration, assembly and finishing) must be carried out in the municipalities of the geographical area defined in the specifications.

A press release was issued by the INPI

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