To make sure your products are as long-lasting as ever, Laguiole official store gives you multiple maintenance tips, regarding knives, accessoires and crockery. Good maintenance ensures a longer lifespan for your Laguiole items, (knives and other products): take care of them!

Collector's knives maintenance

It is essential to take good care of your handmade knives. Although they are very strong and robust, they must avoid dishwashers.

Cutlery set maintenance

It is important to dry your Laguiole handmade cutlery sets after washing them, even the stainless steel sets. This will increase their lifespan. For wooden handle, ivory handle or horn handle knives, you should avoid using a dishwasher. Other knives with plastic handles or stainlees steel handles can indeed resist dishwashing. But it is recommended to dry them by hand, like the knives.