RESTAURANT PROFESSIONALS, you undoubtedly know the importance of presentation and attention to detail that your client will retain, and who makes the difference? A good table obviously involves quality dishes, but also cutlery, crockery and table linens that meet the expectations of your customers.

To make your table attractive, Laguiole Attitude has created a special restaurant and professional offer. With professional quality cutlery, signed Laguiole, you choose the diversity that adapts to all styles: "trendy, traditional, colorful, terroir or modern". Laguiole Attitude also offers kitchen utensils for professionals such as Laguiole kitchen knives.

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Our cutlery for professionals

For a more colorful atmosphere, opt for our French-made ivory range available in several colors.

Professional kitchen knives

Equip yourself with our Laguiole knives to obtain quality, durability, reliability.

We offer kitchen knives with a traditional steel blade. Also choose your handle for the design side: ABS, Backélite, stainless steel, colored….

Table knives

Appreciate our steak knives, their sharpness will delight meat lovers.

We also offer a range of "prime rib" knives, ideal for optimum cutting.

We offer smooth, toothed or micro-toothed table knife blades.