Among the entire Laguiole range, there is, nonetheless, a series of knives that are much more popular and well-known than all the others: these are the folding knives.

In fact, the original model, the Laguiole pocket knife has become a legend not only in France but all over the world, thanks in large part to exports. Perhaps its very distinctive shape has added to its charm, but undoubtedly, it's also the fact that it is a French artisanal product, associated with the French way of life, wine, and gastronomy. Even today, the Laguiole knife still holds a proud place in the world of fine dining, although it is often a fixed-blade knife rather than a folding model. While one can understand the utility of a single fixed-blade knife for businesses and restaurants, in everyday life, the folding Laguiole knife is much more practical. This type of cutlery can easily be carried in a bag or even a pocket without becoming cumbersome, heavy, or dangerous. Furthermore, with a leather sheath, the knife remains perfectly protected from any impact or scratches, ensuring your Laguiole's safety. With numerous models of folding knives, some handmade and others manufactured, there is something to suit all lifestyles and budgets today.

Indeed, there is often talk of the debate between the "real" and "fake" Laguiole, but rarely about the budget required to acquire a genuine French artisanal creation. If there had only been handmade knives, the "Laguiole" brand as a knife would never have developed as it has to this day and would have remained a product reserved for connoisseurs. Laguiole Attitude, a renowned store when it comes to Laguiole knives, is one of the largest online Laguiole boutiques, offering knives for everyone!