End of summer, beginning of autumn is the perfect time to go mushroom picking. An excellent family activity with the reward of a homemade mushroom fricassée.

Good Preparation

To avoid returning empty-handed from your foray, good preparation is essential. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the different mushroom families to avoid mistakes. The easiest way is to seek advice from specialists. If you're a novice, consider going in a group with organizations specialized in this forage. To get well-prepared, follow our guide, which will provide you with valuable advice.

Proper Equipment

The ideal place to find mushrooms is the forest. You'll need to equip yourself properly with good shoes (boots) and waterproof clothing. Don't forget to bring a guide to recognize the different species. Laguiole offers knives specially designed for mushroom picking. It's essential not to damage the mushroom filaments. These knives will help you pick them properly.

A Delicious Reward

After the harvest, it's time to cook. There are numerous ways to prepare mushrooms. Sauté them in a pan with garlic and fresh herbs for a delicious fricassée. With eggs, you can make a tasty omelet or quiche. You can also grill or barbecue them and stuff them. With a pot, you can prepare a tasty mushroom soup. And why not eat them raw in a carpaccio or salad. Let your creativity and desires guide you! Discover our tips for preserving your mushrooms if your harvest was abundant.