There are numerous types of knives used in various fields and applications. It can sometimes be challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to different types of kitchen knives, which are most commonly used.

However, it is possible to categorize the various knife types into distinct categories for easier understanding. Firstly, utility knives primarily encompass kitchen and butcher knives. Depending on the countries, regions, and cities, these knives take on different forms, varying with Western and Japanese culinary traditions. In the first category, you will find knives such as the paring knife, oyster knife, or boning knife, while our Asian counterparts include knives like the Santoku chef's knife, the fish knife (Deba hocho), the vegetable knife (Nakiri hocho), or the Chinese cleaver.

Within utility knives, one should also consider those used for sculpture, engraving, as well as in agriculture and construction.

There are also combat knives, sometimes referred to as tactical knives. They are issued in military or law enforcement environments and include tools such as survival knives or machetes. Others, more technically designed, serve as weapons, such as the German KM2000 knife.

Lastly, sporting knives encompass those used outdoors, for activities like hunting. In this discipline, various knife types are used: those for killing game, those for dressing and processing hunted animals, and those that serve as multifunctional tools during the hunt.

The knife is an essential part of everyday life, even though many technological innovations have replaced some of its uses. It remains an indispensable daily tool, primarily in the field of cuisine, and especially during meals!