We are not often aware, but table arts are particularly important for family meals. Decoration, tableware, colors, shapes, etc. are all elements that influence our palate and the meal's atmosphere. Recent studies have shown that, depending on the containers people eat from, they do not give the same taste to the same foods. This demonstrates how the overall ambiance, decoration, and tableware are essential for a good dining experience!

Eating Better with Table Arts

Studies, for example, have highlighted that the size and shape of plates affect food proportions. So be cautious with large plates that you might tend to fill more! However, they also allow for diverse dishes, with attractive presentations that entice both children and adults to eat!

Relaxing with Table Arts

It's also proven that when we're at a pleasant table, well-presented and decorated, where we feel comfortable, we take more time to eat. There's no rush to leave the table, and we want to stay in this welcoming cocoon. It's also more enjoyable to gather friends and family around a beautiful table! While more and more people check their phones or read the newspaper while eating, promoting table arts helps minimize this distraction and encourages everyone to come together and spend time together.

Influence of Tableware and Food

A British study shows that eating a piece of meat by cutting it with a knife doesn't provide the same taste sensation as eating it with a fork or spoon. The combination of food and tableware also influences our perception: for example, drinking hot chocolate from an orange cup makes it taste better! Meanwhile, pink packaging might give us the impression that the food it contains is sweeter than it actually is.

Table arts are essential for a great meal: they make eating a pleasure in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere while varying the foods on the plate. Taste alone is not enough; sight and smell seem to be equally important.