The art of table setting encompasses not just decoration but also dinnerware, and cutlery is an essential part of this vast collection. To master this domain and welcome your guests like the chicest of restaurants, explore the different categories of existing spoons, and learn their uses! Everyone knows that a spoon consists of a handle and an oval hollow end. The material varies depending on the purpose, as well as the time or fashion: metal, wood, plastic, or porcelain; you have a wide range of choices in the market! There are three main categories of spoons. The first is table spoons, used for eating. Depending on their size, they have different names and are placed in specific positions on the table: above the plate, handle turned to the right for teaspoons, or on the right near the knife for soup spoons. The second category includes serving spoons. Used to transfer food from dishes to diners' plates, their size and material can vary. Soup spoons are sometimes used for serving, while ladles, with their larger handles and much more rounded ends, are generally exclusively for serving soups and liquids. Finally, the last category of spoons includes those used in cooking and food preparation. For example, wooden spoons are used for mixing food in hot pans or pots, while others are used for hollowing out fruits and vegetables or forming ice cream scoops. With all this knowledge about the different types of spoons available, you can cook efficiently, equipped with the right utensils, and serve your guests with the appropriate cutlery.