There are several models of corkscrews to open your wine bottles. Discover in this article the different models and their usage.

The Waiter's Friend (Limonadier)

This is the most widely used corkscrew in the professional world. It consists of a spiral, a small blade, a bottle opener, and a lever. Start by using the small blade to cut around the capsule and remove it. Fold the blade back and extend the spiral. Gently press it into the cork and turn the corkscrew clockwise until the spiral is fully inserted. Be careful to keep the worm straight. Place the first step on the bottle and hold it securely with one hand. With the other hand, pull the corkscrew to extract the cork.

The Double-Lever Corkscrew

This double-lever system allows for a two-step cork extraction. With a single lever, the cork is partially removed. With the two-step system, you first remove the cork with the first step, and then using the same principle, you completely extract the cork with the second step, enabling an easier extraction.

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Lever Corkscrews with or without a Stand

After cutting the capsule, place the corkscrew (without the stand) around the bottle with the lever at the bottom. Hold the handles firmly. Move the lever upwards to insert the spiral into the cork. Move the lever downwards for cork extraction. This system is very practical for effortless bottle uncorking. The lever corkscrew can be sold with or without a stand. The stand is convenient for storage or decoration. To view our Laguiole models without a stand, click here; with a stand, click here. We also offer a Laguiole sommelier gift set with a lever corkscrew and accessories (metal stopper, capsule cutter, drop stop, thermometer), perfect for wine enthusiasts.

The Winged Corkscrew (Tire-bouchon à cage)

After removing the capsule, place the tip of the spiral in the center of the cork and gently press down. The arms of the corkscrew should be lowered. Hold the circular metal end and turn the handle with the other hand to drive the spiral into the cork. When the arms are vertical, place the bottle and with both hands (one on each arm), push them down. If the cork is not completely removed, turn the handle again and lower the arms. Discover our Laguiole winged corkscrew by clicking here.

The Waiter's Knife (Le couteau sommelier)

Using the knife blade, remove the capsule. Fold the blade back and extend the spiral. Insert the worm into the cork. Hold the bottle and the corkscrew firmly. Pull the cork gently from left to right. Opening a bottle without a lever can be more challenging, but with your pocket knife equipped with a spiral, you'll always have a corkscrew on hand! To view our Laguiole waiter's knife models, click here.