Come discover our Laguiole products for New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion to celebrate with style and elegance. At Laguiole Attitude, we offer an exceptional selection of Laguiole products to make your evening unforgettable. Explore our Laguiole oyster services, foie gras services, and fish cutlery. And don't miss our Laguiole saber, the ultimate accessory for opening champagne with panache!

Laguiole Oyster Services

Our Laguiole oyster services are precision-crafted and made to the highest quality standards. Discover our handcrafted olive wood Laguiole oyster knife set, or opt for the stainless steel Laguiole oyster knife set, also handcrafted in France. If you prefer an individual oyster knife, we offer our Laguiole oyster knife in natural ivory. Explore our range of oyster knives with handles in red crystal, light wood, or dark wood. For a complete experience, check out our Laguiole oyster knife set with six forks, all in an elegant anthracite gray shade. Choose our Laguiole oyster service that includes a knife and six stainless steel forks, presented in a wooden box.

Laguiole Foie Gras Services

Savor foie gras with our Laguiole foie gras set, including a lyre and an olive wood knife, handcrafted in France. For a stainless steel option, discover our Laguiole lyre foie gras set with a knife, also made in France. Treat yourself to a complete experience with our gift box containing a Laguiole lyre foie gras set and a stainless steel knife.

Fish Cutlery

Our Laguiole fish cutlery is carefully designed to provide an exceptional culinary experience. Explore our set of six ivory Laguiole fish knives, handcrafted in France. You can also choose our individual natural ivory Laguiole fish knife. For a luxurious option, check out our set of six Laguiole Excellence fish knives in natural nacre.

The Laguiole Saber

The Laguiole saber is the ultimate accessory for opening champagne with style. Discover our luxurious Laguiole wooden champagne saber, crafted with care. We also offer a selection of Laguiole champagne sabers in different colors, including blue, red, and green. For an elegant presentation, choose our wooden Laguiole champagne saber with a tassel, presented in a box.

Feel free to explore our complete range of Laguiole Fish, Foie Gras, and Oyster Services to find the perfect accessory for your New Year's Eve celebration!