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Our handcrafted knives are made in France. Their exceptional quality allows us to offer you a lifetime guarantee.


At first glance, you'll appreciate the finesse of the steels, the handcrafted guilloché work on the spring or blade top. Whether it's a traditional blade or a damascus blade, Laguiole knives are meticulously hand-guilloched, with details and craftsmanship that create a rare level of finish. They are meticulously crafted by our master cutlers to achieve perfect balance and excellent durability, making each knife a unique piece.

YOUR GUARANTEES: Lifetime Guarantee

Our exceptional quality allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on our Collection, Character, Damas knives, and more, handcrafted in the traditional Fontenille Pataud style (under normal use). They come with a numbered certificate of authenticity and diplomas from our artisan cutler. We proudly hold the "Living Heritage Company" label at Fontenille Pataud.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Looking for innovative and stylish knife options? If you desire a knife with a modern design and clean lines, our "Sellier" or "Nomade" design models will delight you. They are more lightweight and feature unique elements, stemming from the same flagship cutlery brand, Dozorme, which received the prestigious "Living Heritage Company" label in 2009.