Laguiole Attitude offers a wide range of Laguiole products. In this article, you'll find a selection of Laguiole items that will be very useful for the spring.

The Art of Table Setting

Now is the time to embrace color on your table. Spring, a season of renewal, allows for great creativity in decorating your table.

- The 24-piece Ambiance Flatware Set

The multicolored Laguiole flatware set consists of 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 small spoons, and 6 large spoons in vibrant colors. Perfect for adding some ambiance to your table!

- Laguiole Glasses

Discover our new Laguiole glasses! Available in three colors: blue, red, and gray. These contemporary designed glasses will add cheer to your table. Explore our entire Laguiole dinnerware collection!

Gardening and Leisure

Spring is the perfect time for gardening. Laguiole Attitude also offers Laguiole tools to accompany you in your garden. You'll find all these products in our Laguiole Garden and Leisure category. Here's our selection:

- Bulb Planter: This is the essential tool for planting bulbs or small plants and flowers in the ground or in pots. Rediscover the elegance of this planter with its leather handle. And find many other gardening tools as well.

- Multifunctional Fishing Set: With the arrival of sunny days, there's nothing better than spending a day fishing. This Laguiole set includes all the essential accessories for fishermen: a multifunctional pliers, regular pliers, a serrated knife, a scaler knife, a slicing knife, a disgorging tool, a crosshead screwdriver, a portable scale with a hook, a retractable measuring tape with a compass, a keychain with a flashlight. Everything you need to be well-equipped!

- Laguiole Petanque Balls: And we conclude this selection with a set of 6 petanque balls. It comes with a white jack and a magnetic ball collector with a measuring cord. Perfect for an impromptu game of petanque. And you can find all our products at Laguiole Attitude!