Mother's Day is on May 29th. For this occasion, Laguiole Attitude has prepared a selection of Laguiole gift ideas for you. You will find beautiful products of French craftsmanship (folding knives, cutlery sets, cheese sets, plates, and more) for an elegant gift.

Laguiole Attitude Knives

Practical and useful, here is our selection of folding Laguiole knives for women. You'll find Laguiole knives with a feminine design or a smaller size. For a personalized gift, these knives can be engraved with a name and/or message of love. A wonderful gift idea for Mother's Day. These knives are of French craftsmanship and come with a certificate of authenticity.

The Laguiole Sellier red knife features a full-grain leather handle. This knife is available with a steel or matte black blade for a more contemporary design. It measures 21.5cm (12cm when closed), which is the standard size for Laguiole knives.

The Laguiole women's collection knife has an ABS handle with a very feminine Japanese-inspired decoration. It measures 18.5cm (10cm when closed), making it ideal to take everywhere. This classic decorated knife range is the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

The olive wood nomad knife is ultra-design and slim, born from an adventurous spirit. This versatile original knife has a belt attachment on the back for easy carrying. It's suitable for mothers who enjoy activities like hiking, measuring 12cm when closed.

Laguiole Attitude Cutlery

Discover our selection of Laguiole cutlery, specially designed for Mother's Day to enhance your table settings. High-quality cutlery made in France.

The Excellence 6-piece Laguiole knife set, summer mix, adds color and quality to your table. The knives have incredible sharpness with high-quality steel. They come in a wooden box, perfect for gifting.

The Excellence 24-piece cutlery set, ivory tone, includes 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 large spoons, and 6 small spoons. A traditional Laguiole ivory-tone set that will complement any table decoration. This cutlery range is intended for everyday use and is dishwasher-safe. A great gift idea to add quality to your table.

The 6-piece Excellence black knife set is very trendy with a new shape for Laguiole cutlery. Incredible sharpness, high-quality steel, and a storage box - it's the pinnacle of cutlery.

Around the Table

Plates, glasses, cheese sets - here is our "around the table" selection for Mother's Day.

Come and make your selection among our Laguiole plates and glasses, with trendy colors to dress up your tables. A wonderful gift idea for cheese lovers, a Laguiole cheese set with various sets and different handle materials. Make your choice quickly at this link.