The Laguiole folding knife is the ultimate luxury pocket folding knife. It boasts an extraordinary design, exceptional quality, and you can even personalize its handle or blade by engraving the word or symbol of your choice!

It is traditionally crafted in France, and each of these knives is a unique piece. Contrary to what one might think, Laguiole folding knives are not just for men; there are models more suitable for women and even for our children. Laguiole has decided to create various sizes of knives ranging from 7 to 13 cm. Larger sizes are also available in the Collection range (15 cm and 17 cm).

The Different Laguiole Folding Ranges

  • Damascus and Guilloche: Damascus and guilloche knives are high-quality artisanal pieces, renowned for their beauty and functionality. Here's what these terms generally mean and involve in knife manufacturing:

Damascus Knives: Damascus knives are made from a particular type of steel called "damascus." Damascus steel consists of several layers of superimposed steel, usually two types of steel, which are then forged together. This forging process creates a distinctive pattern on the knife blade, often in the form of waves or swirls, which is appreciated for its aesthetics. Damascus knives are known for their strength and sharpness, in addition to their unique appearance.

Guilloche: Guilloche is a decorative technique that involves engraving precise and repetitive patterns on the blade, handle, or other parts of the knife. These patterns can be geometric, floral, or of any other nature. Guilloche is often done by hand, making it very artisanal. It can be used to embellish a knife and add an elegant touch.

  • Artisanal Nomad and Saddler Knives: Nomad and saddler artisanal knives are specific types of knives crafted by hand to meet particular needs. Here's what these terms generally mean:

Nomad Knives: Nomad knives are designed to be versatile and portable, suitable for the needs of people on the move or traveling. They are often lightweight, compact, and equipped with practical features for outdoor use, camping, hiking, or simply for daily needs when on the go. These knives can be used for meal preparation, cutting ropes, wood carving, and more. They are appreciated for their utility and durability.

Saddler Knives: Saddler knives are tools specially designed for cutting leather and leatherworking, suited to the needs of leather craftsmen. They are characterized by their thin, sharp blades, ideal for precise cuts in leather.

  • Hunting and Nature Knives are tools specially designed for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, and hiking in nature.

    These knives are designed to be versatile outdoor tools, suitable for nature activities. They can be used for food preparation, woodworking, rope cutting, game dressing, and many other tasks. The specific design and features vary based on the user's needs and the knife brand.

  • Artisanal Sommeliers: These are high-quality corkscrews designed for wine enthusiasts and wine service professionals, such as sommeliers. Artisanal sommeliers are crafted with great attention to detail. They are appreciated for their aesthetics, durability, and efficiency in opening wine bottles. They are often considered collectibles, valuable gifts, or essential tools for wine professionals. If you're looking for an artisanal sommelier, you can check specialized cutlery artisans, artisanal product shops, or online platforms offering a selection of these high-quality corkscrews.
  • Multifunctional Knives: Multifunctional knives include additional blades or cutting accessories, sometimes even a corkscrew. For example, the mushroom knife is an essential tool for mushroom picking, with a curved blade for cutting the mushroom base without damaging it, as well as a brush for removing impurities.

Thanks to Laguiole Attitude, discover the Laguiole folding knife.