Essential for any red meat enthusiast, a good steak knife is a must! In fact, it's rare that these types of knives are only used for cutting beef, given how effective their serrated blades are at cutting almost all types of food. At Laguiole Attitude, you can find several models, but one that garners the most attention is undoubtedly the Laguiole Dozorme steak knife, named after the French cutlery maker behind their production.

This is the "Excellence" range by Laguiole, where quality is unquestionable and style is no exception. With ABS handles and highly efficient blades, it's an efficient and stylish cutlery. Furthermore, with a choice of colors that extends to 20 different shades, you have plenty of options to create your own ultra-trendy selection! Here is the list of available colors: black, mouse gray, chocolate, cappuccino, lilac, violet, navy, azure, turquoise, meadow green, pale green, olive green, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, pink, layette, natural, white. Of course, you are free to choose several of the same color or even one of each; it's up to you to imagine your table setting. Additionally, the same models are available in forks and spoons, so you can create your own cutlery set as you please.