Are you longing for a vacation but it's still a long way off? Or have you recently returned and already miss it? Here's a solution: bring the sun to your home! Host a meal with friends and prepare a vacation-themed table decoration! It's easy: close your eyes and imagine what your ideal vacation would be. Sunshine, palm trees, and sandy beaches? Bring all these elements to your table! When it comes to colors, to capture the warmth of the sun, opt for warm colors: yellows and oranges that you can pair with other shades like blue or apple green for a punchy and dynamic effect!

Don't skimp on the decoration: create napkin folds in the shape of palm trees or even hibiscus flowers and invite the sea to your table: sprinkle some sand in a few places, add seashells, and even starfish. Find large succulent plant leaves that will allow you to make a bouquet resembling a palm tree, and don't hesitate to accompany them with flowers in all colors.

You can also get a dish with curved shapes reminiscent of waves and fill it with tinted water for an especially turquoise look. Why not add some floating flowers, beautiful stones, or even seashells to complete the setup? You will quickly have a lovely vacation and sun-themed table decoration, and all you need to do is put on your beach sunglasses to feel like you're by the sea with your feet up!