Among the Laguiole knives equipped with a corkscrew (commonly referred to as sommeliers or sommelier knives), there are models of varying quality, but the entire handcrafted range is, of course, particularly appealing. This notably includes the "Château Laguiole" range, where each corkscrew knife is named after a famous sommelier with international renown. Available in various variations (wooden, metal, horn handles, etc.), one sommelier knife stands out from the rest due to its craftsmanship and its quite extraordinary handle. It's the solid silver corkscrew knife with a handle decorated in the form of a vine... Exquisite in its rarity, it's an exceptionally high-quality sommelier knife reserved for collectors. Produced through the collaboration of French master cutler Fontenille Pataud and silversmith Roux Marquiand, it's a magnificent result. Naturally, given the unique nature of this type of Laguiole knife, the model is hallmarked and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, a true mark of quality. An outstanding gift for wine enthusiasts, the handle alone is a work of art, with breathtaking attention to detail. Every grape cluster is crafted with microscopic precision, yielding an exceptional result.

Laguiole Attitude

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