Father's Day is an important moment for children and parents, much like Mother's Day. It's an opportunity for kids to show their affection for their dads by giving thoughtful gifts and decorating the table for Father's Day! But how can you make it special, what unique ideas can you apply, and what would make him smile? Here are some tips to make this day extra special...

A King's Table

Father's Day is a time for dads to feel like kings, so why not embrace the theme and decorate the table accordingly!

It's quite simple to do: using colored paper, cut a wide strip to wrap around a glass, jar, bowl, or anything you like; then cut crown tips at the top of the strip. Wrap the strip around your object and secure it with a spot of glue! You can add amusing inscriptions, drawings, and more.

Starry Napkin Rings

To make your table beautiful down to the napkins, get some wooden napkin rings to decorate with paint, ribbons, photos, and more.

The whole family can have fun painting them in various colors and attaching a ribbon with a little message on it, a photo, or even a handmade drawing.

A Sweet Banner

To celebrate dads even more, create a banner for them! Even if space is limited, this one will fit any area. It's easy to make; you just need to print tie motifs and carefully cut them out, then stick them around a small string.

Stretch the string between two sticks that you can place in a cake, flowers, two glasses, and more. To complete the Father's Day table decoration, don't hesitate to add hearts, tender words, family photos... With a table like this, dads will be absolutely thrilled!

Laguiole Attitude

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