The Swiss knife, with its blade, requires specific safety rules when in use. This serves as a reminder, especially for future hikers, to handle your Swiss knife with common sense and utmost caution. Pay close attention to yourself and those around you to prevent any accidents or injuries during your movements and activities.

Always Use the Swiss Knife While Sitting

It's a simple rule to remember: whatever the task, use your Swiss knife while sitting down. When cutting a piece of wood, stabilize it against your leg for precision. Make sure your hand and the blade move away from your body and only open the blade when in use, promptly closing it afterward. Never leave a Swiss knife open on the ground or unattended. Avoid opening multiple tools simultaneously. Keep in mind that a sharp blade is less dangerous. Its precision cutting minimizes the risk of any accidental slips or mishaps.

Be Cautious of Others

When you're on the move, your Swiss knife should be closed and securely stowed in a pocket or, ideally, in a sheath. If you're handing it to someone, it must be closed and secured with the safety lock. Hand it over in person, never throw it to someone. When using your Swiss knife near others, maintain a distance of at least one arm's length to keep those around you out of the range of your movements. Remember, a Swiss knife is not a toy. Do not use it as a weapon, even in jest. Finally, always remember that carrying or transporting a knife is prohibited by law unless you have a legitimate reason. Reserve your pocket knife for leisure and other relevant activities.

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