With the variety available in stores and increasingly attractive prices, changing your dinnerware from time to time is now easier and more common. The kitchen gets adorned with new utensils, fresh plates, and brand-new cutlery... But what should you do with your old dinnerware?

Donate Your Dinnerware

Many associations will be delighted to take the dinnerware you no longer use off your hands. Whether it's organizations like the Restos du Cœur, local charities, or individuals in need that you know, do a kind deed and give away what you no longer require. You'll help others, perform a good deed, and free up space at home. Think about it!

Reuse Your Dinnerware for Home Decor

There are numerous tricks to repurpose various elements of your unused dinnerware. For instance, you can easily transform wine glasses into candle holders: turn the glass upside down, place the candle on the foot's flat surface, light it, and you're all set! You can then decorate the glass as you wish. Place flowers or decorative elements underneath the glass, and so on. Let your imagination run wild! Plates or even pots and pans can also be repurposed to adorn your walls. Paint the plates, embellish the pots and pans, attach patterns, adapt them to your interior decor, and hang them up! An extra tip: you can transform your pots and pans into clocks by purchasing the appropriate mechanism and installing it on the customized utensil. As for the plates, stick round-cut photos in the middle, decorate them, and then hang them up. Don't discard your bowls either – they can be very useful for displaying flowers! They can be used as vases, stacked on top of each other to create attractive little pyramids! Another tip: to arrange your flowers more easily in your bowl, use tape to create your floral composition.

Finally, if your old dinnerware is broken, too worn to reuse as is, or if you simply don't like it anymore, there's still one thing to do: break it! The pieces of broken dinnerware can be used to create a mosaic-like artwork. Choose how to arrange your masterpiece, its layout, and colors, and let the artist within you express themselves by repurposing your old dinnerware!

Laguiole Attitude

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