How to Do It

The issue of a stuck cork in a bottle sometimes occurs, especially when the cork is too moist. You try to open your wine bottle properly, and when you attempt to use the corkscrew, the cork sinks inside and gets stuck. So, how do you remove it and serve your guests?

There is a simple and quick technique to remove a cork from a bottle, which will require very little time and equipment. If you have simply broken the cork inside the neck and a part is still stuck there, use the corkscrew by inserting it diagonally to gently retrieve the remaining pieces. If the cork has already fallen inside the bottle, you will need to first remove the wine by carefully transferring it to another container temporarily. This will minimize the chance of cork fragments spoiling the liquid. Next, take a cloth and create a small cup by pinching it in the middle with one hand and pulling on the cloth's end with the other. Slide it into the bottle almost entirely (rotate it if you have trouble inserting it), then gently shake it once it's inside, so the cup reforms within. The cork should then fit into your cloth, and once this step is completed, it's quite simple: gently pull on the fabric to extract it from the bottle. It will trap the cork to prevent it from falling back inside and will also pull it out! You can then pour your wine back into its original bottle and serve your guests as if nothing happened! Here are all the steps explained in the video: Now, you'll know how to remove a stuck cork from a bottle and easily impress your friends when they encounter this problem!

Laguiole Corkscrews

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