Choosing the right dinnerware when moving into your first apartment, starting a new chapter, or simply refreshing your decor can be a bit of a puzzle. Which plates should you choose to showcase your dishes? And more importantly, should you opt for colorful or white tableware?

A harmonious table

The first essential rule to keep in mind is that your dinnerware should harmonize with your table and personal decoration. You don't have to buy luxury tableware for perfect meals; it should reflect your style, align with your taste and personality, to perfectly match the ambiance for hosting your guests.

Colorful tableware

Once you have this first rule in mind, your choice between colorful or all-white dinnerware will depend on your personality! However, here are some additional tips to help you decide.

Keep in mind that colorful tableware energizes your decor, adding vibrancy and vitality. You can play with contrasts and color effects to amaze your guests. It's also easy to create a specific atmosphere or decoration theme with colors: green for an eco or natural decor, blue for a maritime feel, and so on. Most importantly, colorful dinnerware reveals your personality to your guests. Do you prefer warm, captivating colors, or cooler, peaceful ones?

White tableware

White tableware is by no means dull; it adapts well to most table decorations. Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, or a birthday, you can embellish it with napkins and ornaments to enhance your tableware.

It easily complements any dish and any color. An additional trick is to buy white tableware so you can decorate it yourself to suit your tastes and preferences!