The Natural Milk Method

There is a simple and entirely natural technique for repairing broken tableware. Very economical and practical, it will help you restore your plates that have been cracked over time and through mishaps. You'll regain your sets of tableware in perfect condition and can reuse them to decorate a beautiful table! To begin, take a wide enough saucepan and fill it with milk. Make sure it's deep enough to fully submerge the cracked plate and cover it completely. Heat the milk, being careful not to bring it to a boil. Once the milk is hot and almost at boiling temperature, immerse the cracked plate you want to repair into the saucepan. Ensure it is fully submerged for proper restoration of your broken tableware.

Allow it to simmer for an hour on low heat, then let it cool before removing the plate from the milk. You'll then notice that your broken tableware is as good as new, and the crack that was there has disappeared! You can use this very useful trick for other tableware items like a cup or a glass. Always ensure that the milk completely covers the object, and the cracks will vanish! This method for repairing a cracked plate has the advantage of being eco-friendly and cost-effective: you can naturally restore your broken tableware without using any chemical products. Plus, it's a very simple trick to perform!

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