As much as we may know how to properly open a bottle of wine and be well-versed in this delicate and refined art, there are times when a bottle's cork crumbles, gets stuck in the neck, or even falls into the wine. So, how can you fully uncork the bottle without causing too much damage? How can you remove the bits of cork that have fallen directly into the wine and shouldn't be served to your guests? We provide you with all the necessary advice to prevent you from painstakingly removing each crumb one by one with your fingers!

Avoiding Dropping Cork Bits into the Wine

When you see the cork breaking in the neck, leaving a part inside, the first step is to try to gently remove it to prevent anything from falling into the bottle. This operation can be delicate, requiring you to tilt the corkscrew's spiral against the neck to remove it smoothly.

Removing Cork Pieces from the Bottle

If some pieces are already inside the bottle or have fallen in while you were trying to remove the broken cork, don't worry! You will simply need to filter the wine. This step is necessary not only to avoid serving cork bits in your guests' glasses but also to prevent the wine's taste from changing. To do this, pour the bottle's contents into a decanter using a funnel equipped with a filter. If you don't have such a tool, here's a useful trick that will serve the same purpose: a coffee filter, which is not only effective but also cost-efficient! You now know all the methods for removing crumbled cork from a bottle of wine! Your guests and your taste buds will thank you!

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