Wine Tasting: Tips for Opening a Bottle with Elegance

Opening a bottle of wine is not always an easy task. We've all experienced those moments when you try to wedge it between your legs to pull out the cork, only to end up with a torn cork that flies off, and wine splatters everywhere…

Why not master this skill with sommelier tricks?

Choosing the Corkscrew

To begin, you need to select the right corkscrew. Among many models, the sommelier corkscrew is recommended by professionals. It's practical, stylish, and available at affordable prices. Equipped with a small knife, a spiral worm, and one or two levers for a strong grip, it's also foldable for easy transportation.

Elegantly Remove the Capsule

The first step is to remove the capsule above the cork. Simply use the small knife of the sommelier corkscrew to cut around the bottle, beneath the glass collar. With the knife's tip, you can easily remove the capsule.

The Crucial Moment: Opening the Bottle

Next, place the spiral worm of the corkscrew right in the center of the cork and gently turn it to insert. Once most of the spirals are in the cork, you can press the lever against the neck and gently pull to extract the cork. When it's almost out, just hold it with one hand and tilt it to the side for safe removal.

Finishing Touch with Elegance

Finish by gently wiping the neck to clean away any dust or residue. You are now ready to open a bottle of wine like a seasoned sommelier, impressing your guests with every tasting!

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