Laguiole Great sommeliers in the world, handmade

Discover our Laguiole corkscrews bearing the effigy of the greatest sommeliers in the world, often awarded medals in the greatest restaurants or the greatest tables. These Laguiole corkscrews are of old French manufacture. Discover the Laguiole sommelier by Olivier Poussier, French sommelier elected “Best sommelier in France” in 1990 and “Best sommelier in the world” in 2000.

Guy Vialis, former master sommelier and creator of the “Château Laguiole” corkscrew, told him therefore created this yew model of the Palace of Versailles. Following the storm of 1999 this wood was replanted to help replant.

Enjoy the Laguiole sommelier by Shinya Tasaki, Japanese sommelier voted "Best sommelier in the world" in 1995. A red and ivory stamina wood handle. A two-tone handle to celebrate red wine and white wine.

Find the Laguiole sommelier by Andreas Larsson, Swedish sommelier voted "Best sommelier in the world" in 2007. Its deer antler handle recalls the Swedish origins of this great sommelier. Locate the Laguiole sommelier by Serge Dubs, French sommelier voted "Best sommelier in the world" in 1989. A stork is engraved on the handle of the corkscrew recalling its Alsatian origins.

Discover our other models of Château Laguiole in the effigy of other great sommeliers of the world. Products in stock. Lifetime warranty, delivery with certificate of authenticity, more personalized case. All wood, horns and other materials are the first choice of noble quality. UPS delivery: Europe 1 day, USA,Canada 2 days, Asie 2 or 3 days, AU-NZ + 3 or 4 days - COLISSIMO 72 hours at home/UK - USA, Canada 4/7 days, Europe & Scandinavia 2/3 days (Eastern 3/5 days) - Australia, NZ, Asia, Africa 4/7 days.

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