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Laguiole Attitude: Explore a Wide Range of Traditionally Crafted Knives and More

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Laguiole Attitude, where exceptional craftsmanship meets elegance and functionality. Discover a vast selection of high-quality products that will awaken your senses and elevate your everyday life. From folding knives and sommeliers to refined and personalized tableware, as well as culinary delights and outdoor activities, Laguiole Attitude embodies excellence in every moment. Get ready for a unique experience where style, quality, and innovation come together to offer an unparalleled immersion in the Laguiole universe.

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The Essence of Laguiole Pocket Knives and Sommeliers

Handcrafted Laguiole Knives

At Laguiole Attitude, we offer a wide selection of pocket knives suited to different budgets. Our master cutlers, primarily based in Aveyron and Auvergne, handcraft each knife with a constant pursuit of perfection.

Discover our Damascus or guilloche handcrafted knives, genuine works of art adorned with unique patterns. Each knife tells a story and showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of our cutlers.

A wide range of Laguiole hunting knives, sturdy and functional, are specially designed to meet the needs of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Their sharp blades and optimal ergonomics make them reliable companions during your outdoor adventures.

Compact, versatile, and practical, explore our nomad knives, designed to accompany you wherever you go. Whether for picnics or hikes, our nomad knives are indispensable tools for adventure enthusiasts.

At Laguiole Attitude, we take pride in our partnerships with renowned cutlery brands such as Fontenille Pataud, Claude DOZORME, Laguiole village, and au Sabot. Every handcrafted knife you purchase from us is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its French craftsmanship and the expertise of our cutlers.

Laguiole Sommeliers for an exceptional wine tasting experience

Laguiole Attitude offers a carefully curated selection of handcrafted Laguiole sommeliers, including models with a single lever for easy bottle opening, double lever sommeliers for a two-step extraction, and sommelier knives for enhanced versatility. Other Laguiole sommeliers are also available to delight wine enthusiasts, such as lever corkscrews for a comfortable grip and sabers to add a touch of spectacle to the opening of your champagne bottles.

Whether you are a passionate wine lover or a wine professional, our Laguiole sommeliers offer a unique tasting experience. With their elegant design, ease of use, and lasting durability, they are indispensable companions for opening and savoring your wines with ease and refinement.

Personalized Laguiole - A Unique and Memorable Gift

A Laguiole knife is more than just a knife; it is an exceptional gift. At Laguiole Attitude, we offer the opportunity to make your Laguiole even more unique by personalizing it. Whether it's for your own pleasure or a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, or celebration, our engraved pocket knives and sommeliers are unique and appreciated gift ideas.

Personalizing your Laguiole is a way to create a precious and personal memento. You have the freedom to choose a custom engraving, whether it's a name, date, or special message, to add a personal touch to your gift. The engraving can be positioned on the blade or handle of the knife, according to your preferences.

At Laguiole Attitude, we understand the importance of making each gift special and creating cherished memories.

Elegant and Personalized Tableware

Exceptional Cutlery to Enhance Your Meals

Discover our range of Laguiole cutlery, offering both durability and aesthetics. Choose from our stainless steel cutlery for practical daily use, or opt for our colorful cutlery to add a touch of joy to your table. For a natural and warm ambiance, our wooden cutlery brings rustic elegance, while our horn cutlery offers authentic charm. For sophisticated elegance, our ivory and mother-of-pearl cutlery adds a touch of luxury to your table, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of each piece.

A variety of styles are available, ranging from traditional shapes that pay homage to the artisanal heritage of Laguiole, to contemporary forms that reflect current trends. All our cutlery adheres to the standards of the Geographical Indication Protected (IGP) Laguiole, guaranteeing their authenticity and superior quality.

At Laguiole Attitude, we offer you the freedom to create your own set of cutlery by choosing individual pieces. Personalize your table by selecting your favorite colors and opting for the design that best reflects your unique style. Whatever your tastes and preferences, our Laguiole cutlery collection will meet all your expectations. Express your creativity

Culinary Excellence with our Laguiole Services

Immerse yourself in the world of cuisine with our Laguiole kitchen knives. Their sharp blades and optimal ergonomics will allow you to prepare your ingredients with precision and ease. Enjoy the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, while benefiting from the superior quality of Laguiole knives.

To enhance your cheese tasting experience, we have knives specially designed for precise cutting and elegant presentation. Our ham knives will allow you to showcase these delicacies with style and refinement. And let's not forget the bread knife that adds character to your platters.

Are you a fan of exceptional French delicacies? We also have Laguiole cutlery services dedicated to fish, foie gras, and oysters.

Your Ideal Companion for Outdoor Recreation

Versatile Tools for Outdoor Recreation

Discover our selection of Laguiole items designed to accompany you in your outdoor recreational activities. Whether you are passionate about mushrooms, fishing, or pétanque, we have multifunctional knives specially adapted to these activities. Enjoy the exceptional quality and functionality of our Laguiole knives for an optimal experience.

Quality Utensils for Your Barbecues

Prepare for perfect grilling with our Laguiole utensils dedicated to barbecues. Our collection offers a variety of high-quality utensils designed to facilitate outdoor cooking. From spatulas to tongs and marinade brushes, our utensils will give you full control of your barbecue and help you prepare delicious meals.

Practical Tools for Your Gardening

Breathe life into your garden with our Laguiole gardening tools. Whether you need a shovel, a pickaxe, pruning shears, or a watering can, our superior quality gardening tools will provide reliable performance and exceptional durability. Enjoy every moment in your garden by using our practical and ergonomic utensils.

At Laguiole Attitude, discover an unparalleled range of exceptional products to satisfy all your desires. Our passion is to offer you the best so that every moment is exceptional!