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Laguiole Attitude offers you a wide choice in the world of Laguiole cutlery

You will find traditional Laguiole knives, but also masterpieces, worked for several hours by hand to reach a level close to perfection. We work with renowned master knife makers located mainly in Aveyron and Auvergne. Our main cutlers are: Fontenille Pataud cutlery; Cutlery Claude Dozorme; the cutlery Laguiole village and cutlery in the hoof. Each artisan knife comes with its certificate of authenticity proving the French manufacture of your Laguiole. Artisanal cutlery accounts for 80% of our models. Note that Laguiole Attitude is a member of the French Federation of Cutlery as a dealer of hand-crafted Laguiole knives.

To meet all budgets, we also offer a range of Laguiole industrial cutlery. Products often delocalised, under quality control, that meet the needs of a cheap Laguiole knife. You will find this range under the name "other Laguiole folding knives".

But Laguiole Attitude is not only cutlery, it's also sommellerie, the art of the table ... Discover also on our website all areas in which the Laguiole universe has developed. Many Laguiole gift ideas in all areas for all budgets. A Laguiole gift is good, but personalized is better! Thanks to the engraving you can put your text on your Laguiole. To receive a gift Laguiole will always be pleased.