Laguiole knives

For table decoration and meat lovers, discover our wide range of Laguiole table knives. You will find traditional Laguiole knives with wooden handles but also more modern knives with polished glazed handles, all stainless steel or leather look. Most are also sold individually.

Except for the table knives with wooden handles, most of our products are guaranteed dishwasher safe. For your own table or as a gift, Laguiole table knives will satisfy you by the quality of the cut.

Enjoy our expression steak knives. These knives are the ultimate for meat lovers. We also offer a range of special "beef rib" knives. With its wider blade, this is the ideal knife for an excellent cut from rib to bone.We offer smooth or micro-toothed table knife blades.

The choice of blade will depend on the use of your Laguiole table knife.We offer a wide choice of table knives sold in a box or individually. Industrially manufactured under quality control, these table knives will accompany you on a daily basis.