Retraction Effects

We recommend to keep proof of the reference to facilitate the procedures in case of problem occurring during transport.
For all folding knives, the customer will be fully refunded, including cost of delivery (except for additional costs if you chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive, the standard mode that we offer).
Excellence cutlery, Luxury cheese sets and all products marked "handmade" on the sheet will be refunded in full. For the rest of the range, only the cost of return shipping will be at the customer.
In case of fault or error product, no fee will be counted to the customer, and a new product will be delivered compliant.

If risk of a return, or on a high value, it is suggested the customer to make the return of its products provided by registered or additional insurance, guaranteeing, if necessary, compensation for products in proportion to their actual market value in case of theft or loss of these goods.