LAGUIOLE-ATTITUDE is the official online store of the Laguiole ® brand.

Its website,, is a showcase of all the domains in which Laguiole distinguishes itself, i.e. knives and cutlery, items in relation with oenology, tableware, open air activities such as barbecues and gardening tools, as well as plenty more products that have helped made famous the Laguiole brand universe.

Let’s start of course with…

The Laguiole knife: a must-have, useful on a daily basis.

The Laguiole folding pocket knife: an ideal accessory in many situations. Its reputation is already made. The knife comes in a variety of shapes and textures, with wooden and horn handles, and even some other exotic or noble materials. The blades are made of stainless steel. 

There are many different types of blades, like the steel “damas” version or the “guilloche” versions. Laguiole Attitude even offers silver blades and many others knives with corkscrews, safety catches and various decorations, enough to please anyone keen on pocket knives.

In order to offer a complete range of items, has a large collection of “Chateau Laguiole” wine waiter corkscrews, elegant and refined. Each one is named after a world renowned wine waiter: they are items of prestige.

Regarding the knives, Laguiole Attitude also offers Swiss army-like knives with up to 11 functions, various kitchen knives including ceramic blade models, appreciated by professional chefs for their reliable blades and high quality.

Elegant and resistant, Laguiole kitchen knives are a pleasure to cook with!

Laguiole tableware :

Laguiole is a fan of French refined cuisine and the tableware to go with it. Build a beautiful and matching table with Laguiole cutlery and accessories: your guests will be impressed!

Laguiole has selected a whole range of excellent cutlery, for everyday use or to receive guests, with carefully handcrafted models and other more modern colourful sets, designed to give your guests a lift and a smile!

For further harmonisation, Laguiole offers napkins, tablecloths and even cheese boards. Other Laguiole products include crockery such as plates, bowls, mugs and espresso coffee cups! All of which are nice gift ideas…

Whether they are modern or traditional, you’ll definitely enjoy our Laguiole tableware.

Laguiole outdoor leisure items

Discover our Laguiole gardening tools! Choose from a large range of secateurs and various other gardening tools, designed for occasional gardening or a more intensive use. There are Laguiole tools with leather handles, titanium blades: a full top quality range of gardening tools!

You can also cook outdoors thanks to our Laguiole barbecues, with 3 or 5 burners, grills and plenty of Laguiole accessories to help you cook outside!

Laguiole gifts

Laguiole is an ideal web store to find great gift ideas. Receiving a Laguiole gift item is always a pleasure!

On Laguiole Attitude, you’ll find a large selection of potential gift items, inspired from the original philosophy of the Laguiole brand.

Gift boxes for men and women, of all ages: knives, wine accessories, tableware, cooking utensils, barbecue accessories, pens and lighters, fishing and hunting tools… plenty of items which will please fans, aficionados and collectors of Laguiole.